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Producer, Supplier of Poultry & Agricultural Inputs,Poultry Products, Business Consultancy,Commercial Farming, Seeds Production and Trading

South Farmers Company Limited (SFCL) is a local private entity formed in 2010 by South Sudanese returning home from the Diaspora (Australia).  The focus of SFCL is to commercialize agriculture in South Sudan through the development of nucleus farm which is a centre for excellence for agricultural development for the community to learn from it and provision of quality and certified agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers and tractor hire services. Our model of farming is developed around out-grower scheme where the company is now working with 500 smallholders farmers specializing in the production of maize; this number is expected to reach 2,500 farmers in the next three years in the region of Kajo-Keji, Central Equatoria. 


  • Cereal Production

    South Farmers Company Limited is focused in the commercialization of agriculture in South Sudan through the development of nucleus farm and out-grower scheme where hundreds of farmers are being selected to specialize in the production of maize, sorghum and other stables.

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  • Agro Chemicals

    Our wide range of Agro-Chemicals help farmers to prevent pest and diseases from attacking their fields on the same token enable them to grow more crops per acre for longer periods, research shows that farmers have increased marketable yields by as much as 90% per cent after beginning pesticide applications. We sell all the agro chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides

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  • Business Consultancy

    South Farmers Company Limited is positioned to provide also innovative agribusiness consultancy to smallholder farmers,and Small and Medium Enterprises: Farming today for tomorrow working closely with farmers, and business managers,our specialist business advisors team provides an integrated approach to every link in agriculture value chain.

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  • Threshers & Cleaning Machines

    We also offer first class thresher machines,Destri 30-100 Thresher Machine and Destri 30-150 C Thresher and cleaning Machine they are static and have the capacity of threshing upto 3MT of cereal per hour - it is a argentina technology.

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  • Fertilizers

    Use of fertilizers by farmers has contributed greatly by enhancing farmers Productivity per acre and so increasing their income.The following are some of the Fertilizers we supply;DAP, UREA, NPK, CAN, FOLIA FEEDS etc.

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South Farmers Company Limited realized that good farming starts with quality
seeds, and due to lack of quality and certified seeds in the country the company
decided to embark on seed production in our Nucleus Farm and few farmers
from our existing out-grower. 


We source quality honey handling products from reliable producers
and suppliers around the world for our clients, from production of honey to finish honey
ready for consumption.


We have range of agricultural tools that we offer to our growing communities of farmers, which include the following but not limited to them to Malodas, Rake, Shovels and Spade, Fork Hoes, Hoes,Machetes and Knives, Sickles, Axe, Saws,Wooden handles, Ox plough, wheel Barrows, Tractors, Hand Tractors, gumboots, overalls, masks.

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Poultry Production is a viable tool for Poverty Eradication, Food Security and Gender Equality. SFCL has established Integrated Poultry Venture for the production and supply of Day Old Chicks, Feeds, Veterinary Drugs, Vaccines, Feeders, Drinkers and other Poultry Inputs, it also process Broiler Chicken and Supply of Eggs freshly supplied from the Farm.

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