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South Farmers Company Limited offers the best breeding bulls for crossing breeding with our native cows or through Embryo transplant (importation of quality semen), our breeds and expertise are sourced from Argentina and Australia. We also offer professional farm management and development to ensure that your investment can give you higher return. In addition we also source and select quality local cows for restocking and for agriculture extraction (OXEN)


BrahmanBrown AngusBlack AngusHolstein-Friesian Milk Cow


The onset of the Civil War in South Sudan has seen many families losing their livestock and thus their livelihood, we supply quality local goats to various local goats to NGOs in South Sudan in their effort to restock and offer livelihood to many families in the Country. Below are some of the local breeds we supply.

Mubende Goats

• It has shiny, straight hair black or mixture of black and white
• It has high quality meat and skin which is used as leader in the tanning industry
• Adult males weight 25-35Kg,
• Female 22-28Kg
• The Mubende’s goat is adapted to reflect the sun’s radiation to keep the goat cool in its natural environment.
• It survives well during times of drought, and can go a few days without drinking water.
• They are also resistant to a tick-borne disease, worms and other diseases such as mange 

Mubende Goat

Small East African Goats

• It is a breed resistant to diseases affecting goats
• It survive very well in a hash climatic conditions
• It has limited milk production

Small East Africa Goat

 Anglo-Nubian Goat

Nubian Goat

• It has large pendulous ear sand a Roman Nose
• It can live in a very hot climate and have longer breeding season than other dairy breeds
• It is a large breed weighing 64Kg
• It has good milk production
• Like most dairy goats, they are kept hornless by disbudding within two weeks of birth.


In order to increase the value of our goats we need to cross our local goats with exotic ones, therefore we also supply quality Savanna and Boer goats for both restocking and breeding.Below are more details for each of those breeds mention here.

South African Savanna Goats

South African Savanna Goats

• The breed is large framed
• It is extremely well muscled goat with white colour containing a few black pigments
on the ears
• It is diseases resistance to most diseases affecting goats

South Africa Boer Goat

• It is known for its quality Red Mean production
• Significant number of births in which 8% born as singles
• 63.7% as twins
• 27.2% as triplets and
• 1.1% as quadruplets
• High quality milk production to support multiple births
• Resistant to most diseases affecting goats
• It has minimum weight of 62kg at 3.5 years

South Africa Boer Goat

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