Hatchery Management

South Farmers Poultry Breeders operates a modern hatchery facility in Gurei a Juba suburb which is located west of the city, just 15kms from the city centre.

The incubation and hatching of eggs is a precise and sensitive process designed to replicate the function of the "mother hen". Any significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity can have a significant effect on the effectiveness of the hatching process and the quality of the chick produced.

With 90% fertility and 80% hatchability rate, South Farmers Poultry Breeders delivers only high quality hatching eggs that match your requirements. South Farmers Poultry Breeders ensures that the hatching eggs are collected and graded in well managed farms with scientific poultry management practices and stringent bio-security environment.

The best quality day old chicks are produced from the best quality hatching eggs, which are in turn produced from superior breed of chicks. The chicks, throughout their life cycle are administered with proper vaccination at prescribed schedules and are nourished with quality feed developed at South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s own feed mills. With South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s scientific poultry management, productive laying of quality hatching eggs are achieved effortlessly.

At South Farmers Poultry Breeders, stringent quality checks are held at every stage. Each set of eggs that are delivered is ensured to be free of all infections and poultry diseases. Hatching eggs are dispatched to you with a ‘free from clinical sign of any infectious diseases’ confirmation from our experts. In addition, South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s experts certify that the parent lines are free of diseases such as Salmonella Pullorum (Pullorum Disease) and Salmonella Gallinarum (Fowl Typhoid) which normally transmit from parent to commercial. With South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s quality process you can be guaranteed that the parent birds were not exposed to any outbreaks.

Quality is further ensured in our storage and packing mechanisms. Each packaged box contains 210 hatching eggs. The packaged box is designed for effective ventilation and also to prevent damage in transit.  South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s experts leave nothing for chance when it comes to delivering highest quality products for you. Reach us to know more about South Farmers Poultry Breeders’s commercial broiler hatching eggs. South Farmers Poultry Breeders provides you with tips to ensure that you achieve and benefit maximum performance. In order to achieve a healthy number of day-old chicks, it is essential to understand the requirements of the Parent Stock flock at each stage of its life.


South Farmers Poultry Breeders produces five different breeds of chicken

ISA Brown - Reared for the purpose of producing table eggs

Lohnman BrownReared for the purpose of producing table eggs

Cobb 500 - Used for poultry meat production and is a high meat yield broiler

Ross 308 - The most recent addition, this breed is also used for meat production

KuroilersMultipurpose bird suitable for rural poor as a poverty eradication tool.

Isa BrownCobb 500Ros 308KuroilerLohmann


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