Parent Stock

The principal farming areas for our Breeder Operations are at Kajo Keji and around Juba, the Capital of South Sudan both areas are located in the state of Central Equatoria.

The key to success in rearing breeder chicks ("breeders") lies in a systematic and efficient management program, which commences with the breeder chicks being placed in a clean and sanitised poultry house.

During the life of a breeder critical management areas including feeding, temperature, bodyweight control, ventilation, lighting controls and health will greatly enhance the performance and overall welfare of the breeders.

The rearing period generally takes place from day old to 24 weeks of age in poultry houses equipped with facilities to brood birds. Various vaccinations are carried out to optimize the performance of the chickens and protection against disease.

The egg production phase generally takes place from around 25 weeks of age through to 64 weeks of age. Throughout this phase eggs are laid continually, collected either by hand or by automated collection systems and stored at temperatures of approximately 16-19° C (until transported to the hatchery).

South Farmers Company Limited provides you with tips to ensure that you achieve and benefit maximum performance. In order to achieve a healthy number of day-old chicks, it is essential to understand the requirements of the Parent Stock flock at each stage of its life.

The critical age objectives for Parent Stock are summarized below for your convenience:


Key Objectives

1-3 days

Appetite development

3-28 days

Achievement of target bodyweights at 7, 14, 21 and 28 days

28 days

Grade. Target is < 12 CV% at 28 days to permit 2 way grading

28-56 days

Control growth within each graded population

56-70 days

Stabilize populations to achieve correct incremental growth

70 days

Re-draw bodyweight targets (if required)

70-105 days

Achieve correct incremental growth

105 days

Increase feed to stimulate growth Re-draw bodyweight targets (if required)

105-140 days

Achieve correct incremental growth

140-154 days

Give first light increase

140-161 days

Achieve correct incremental growth emphasizing uniformity of sexual maturity

161-210 days

Increase feed in response to egg production, bodyweight gain and egg weight gain

210 days- depletion

Control bodyweight gain and egg weight by removing feed. Manage males by observation of bird condition. Remove non-working males to maintain mating ratios

It is important to note that management requirements for male and female stock vary for each stage of rearing and to prepare them for sexual maturity. We encourage you to consult South Farmers Poultry Breeders experts who will guide you to gain optimum performance throughout the lifecycle of the parent stock.



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