Agro Chemicals

Our wide range of Agro-Chemicals help farmers to prevent pest and diseases from attacking their fields on the same token enable them to grow more crops per acre for longer periods, research shows that farmers have increased marketable yields by as much as 90% per cent after beginning pesticide applications. We sell all the agro chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides and etc for your agricultural needs, contact us today for more information and advise.
• Fungicides (Topaz 25 EW),
• Herbicides(Willosate 360 SL)
• Insecticide(Swift 5EC)

  • Foliar Feed (Vegimax)

    Foliar Feed (Vegimax)

  • Fungicides (Topaz 25 EW)

    Fungicides (Topaz 25 EW)

  • Herbicides(Willosate 360 SL)

    Herbicides(Willosate 360 SL)

  • Insecticide Swift 5EC

    Insecticide Swift 5EC

  • Insecticide(Alphascope 10EC)

    Insecticide(Alphascope 10EC)

  • Insecticide(Concord 20SL)

    Insecticide(Concord 20SL)

  • Insecticide(Swift 5EC)

    Insecticide(Swift 5EC)

  • Insecticide(Verkotin 1.8 EC)

    Insecticide(Verkotin 1.8 EC)

  • InsecticideVerkotin 1.8 EC

    InsecticideVerkotin 1.8 EC

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