Wind Mills

The scarcity of clean water in the country has caused tremendous human suffering including death of human and livestock the solution lies in possible affordable options to  this problem; the option of “windmill” has not been utilized now in partnership with Argentina Company we are making this cheap technology a reality in East Africa.

The “windmill is the most adapted product where there is a lack of electrical infrastructure and with the advan- tage of being one of the most economical means of extracting water; it has no maintenance cost, it lasts many years and satisfies the same needs that any other equipment that does not work with wind energy offers. Water for communities and institutions being the primary goal for supply of drinking water, hygiene and irriga- tion, our products are used extensively for agricultural sector to supply water to livestock

The SURGENTE Mills can be used in different ways, depending on your need and interest, below are some few examples.


The mechanism of the URGENTE mills has a “different, modern and efficient” work system. Its engine is composed of a system of connecting rods that reduces friction (by not having gears) and wear, it also has an oil pump, which allows all parties to work lubricated. It has a COMPENSATOR SPRING, which cancels all the weight of rod and part of water column that it has, it works lighter, since the ind has less resistance to operate the mill, taking advantage of weak winds.

This set of characteristic allows the wheel to rotate with winds of 4 to 5km/h this is equivalent to 30% of the wind needed by a gear system.

The SURGENTE windmill has an “automatic closing” against high winds, the machine controls the revolutions by means of a brake system. The box or block of the engine is made of welded steel that allows it to be lighter and more resistant.“With the lower MECHANICAL WEIGHT of these components, better wind power is obtained by lowering the energy used to turn the wheel”



  • High efficiency at low wind speeds
  • Less wear and tear
  • Automatic shutdown with high winds 


  • Larger amounts of water 
  • Strong structure 
  • Greater efficiency
  • Know the static level of the water in order to determine mill measurements and cylinder diameter (according to the depth table)
  • To determine the height of the tower, calculate that complete passes 5 meters above obstacles (mountain, buildings, etc), and verify that the place where the mill is installed has a clean radius of 150 meters.
  • Estimate the water consumption, take into account that a mill works approximately 12 hours a day.



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