Business Consultancy

South Farmers Company Limited is positioned to provide also innovative agribusiness consultancy to smallholder farmers, and Small and Medium Enterprises: Farming today for tomorrow working closely with farmers, and business managers, our specialist business advisors team provides an integrated approach to every link in agriculture value chain from crop/animal production, to food processing and retail. We develop strategic and innovative solutions, to achieve tangible commercial results. Our consultants have technical experience as well as hand on farming experience. They understand the reality of day-to-day farm management and their advice addresses the real issues and challenges faced by our clients. We therefore provide prompt up to date information to our clients on the following. Our Specialist Business Advisors and Agribusiness Farm Management Services include:

  • Agronomic and Technical Advise and Training
  • Agribusiness Consultancy
  • Contract Farming and other Agreements
  • Grain and Horticulture Marketing
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • International Agricultural Investment
  • Livestock Farming and Poultry Management
  • Finance and Investment Proposal
  • Training of Supply and Value Chain Actors
  • Policy Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Business Advisory
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Economics and Policy
  • Research and Development
  • Feasibility Study
  • Productivity and Sustainability

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